A healthy planet & healthy humans

Welcome to the Mecatl Store!

Greetings everyone! We are a family owned & operated small business endeavour based in Melbourne, created with the vision of sourcing and providing the highest quality, 100% Organic & Vegan Superfoods and Herbal Supplements - delivered straight to your door Australia-wide.

We offer same day dispatch and Express postage on all our goods and use only fully compostable materials for our business, omitting plastic packaging and tape and thus ensuring the smallest possible impact to the planet.

We founded our small business on the moral considerations of doing the least harm and impact possible, using only 100% Organic ingredients in our range, fairly compensating growers, as well as utilizing only compostable packaging, and giving back every month to do our little part in creating a better future for all. 🍀

10% of all profits are donated to RainforestRescue, a funtastic organization working on protecting and restoring the Daintree, the world's oldest rainforest, by purchasing land and growing, planting & caring for trees and the biomes they inhabit.

We are a small business with big dreams & together with your support, we can make a better world happen. Please come in and enjoy a browse! 🙂

Wishing you all the very best and Happy Health!

- Alex at the Mecatl Team